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Product history

Various video games I've worked on on.

Undisclosed product - Vicarious Visions, NY

Senior programmer on an unannounced Activision game, specialising in player handling and AI/Animation interfacing.


Nintendo Pennants Chase Baseball - Exile Interactive, Nintendo US

Senior programmer and gameplay lead at Exile, where I worked on Pennants Chase Baseball, a first party Nintendo game. This game was completed including testing and publisher approval, but due to various issues I cannot go into will not be released.


XMen2 Wolverine's Revenge - Genepool UK

Senior and AI lead at Genepool, where I worked on X-Men 2 Wolverine's Revenge and an in house AI/game engine.


NBA Live 2001 and 2002 - Electronic Arts/EA Sports

I worked on PC and PS2 NBA Live 2001, and XBOX and PS2 NBA Live 2002 working exclusively in rendering and animation. My main contributions to the projects were graphics pipelines, PS2 specific and rendering architecture in the first game, and this year complemented those with realistic net animation, depth of field and other special effects. I also helped optimize some animation code and worked on the high level rendering engine. Screenshots and movies can be found at the games web site.

Online Project - EA.COM/Maxis
After leaving London to live it up in Vancouver, Canada, my first role was working on an online product. I can't provide details since the project is still being developed and is not yet live.

Kingsley - Psygnosis/Sony Europe due out fall '99
A great 3d arcade adventure. My role was wide ranging; from coding up enemy AI to optimising and enhancing the graphics engine on the Playstation, using assembler and including use of the graphic processors at low level.

Batman and Robin - A film licence developed by Probe Entertainment in Croydon, South London for Acclaim. My role involved work on a physically modelled cape which moved realistically in real-time with Batman's movements. I also wrote the AI for the enemies in this 3rd person action arcade adventure, including hand to hand combat and vehicle combat sections.

14 Weddings and a Divorce - published November '96, was a multimedia reference CD-Rom with lots of information on the Royal Family. I was the lead programmer, and as the only full-time worker on the project was a key to co-ordinating the efforts of all the team members. With over 500 photographs and an hour of Quicktime video and 2000 hypertext links there was a lot of organisational work required as well as the actual programming. The project was created by Odyssey Video and Shoot That Tiger, and published by VCI.

Gone to the Dogs - published March '96, is a gambling game based on Dog Racing. The code was written in Delphi32 and used over a hundred dog races on CD-Rom to make a game targetted for race nights or a fun evening with friends. I designed and wrote the program, and produced the master cd-rom, whilst working independently. This was published by Manyk Ltd.

Power F1 - published November '96, was a 3d racing game. I worked on this game as a support programmer for 3 months. In that time I wrote the main data structures for managing the racing season, and integrated the front end with the 3d racing section. I also integrated Smacker video playback into the product and implemented the menu system and 3d workshop area for editing the racing car specifications. This was published by Eidos and developed at Teque.

Club and Country - published June '95, as the title suggest was a sequel to Club Football.
This added World championships and gave you more interaction with the players during and before the match. Again I was the lead programmer on the project. Platforms were as above and I did this at Teque too.

Club Football - published October '94, was my first published product.
This was a football management game with arcade graphics and some advanced AI techniques and a complete simulation of a football (soccer) match.
I was the lead programmer. I produced localised versions with local team data for England, Spain, France, Germany, Poland and Italy.
The platforms were PC and Amiga (all models).
I did this game in house at Teque London Ltd A development house in Greenwich, South London.