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I was born in Nantwich; a historic town in rural South Cheshire, United Kingdom. I was raised in the rail town of Crewe where they make Rolls Royce cars, and then in a small village called Audlem, until I was old enough to go to University.

After leaving University during 1993 with a degree in Information Technology and Artificial Intelligence, I lived in London where I worked as a Software Engineer for video game companies and as a multimedia author.

In July 1999 I got married and moved to Vancouver where I lived for 2 1/2 years with my wife Corbey, and black labrador Barney.

I then moved to Northwich, Cheshire for a couple of years, where my son Jamie was born.

After that we moved back to Canada, living on beautiful Vancouver Island in a small beach town called Parksville. We were there for two years before moving to the USA for the first time.

We currently live in the US in New York state near Albany... a former industrial town, now the state capital and center of a thriving technology industry.